Epiphone casino pickups

Model Pickup Type Output Tone
Epiphone P-90 Single-coil High Warm, fat, with a slight midrange scoop
Epiphone P-90 Pro Single-coil Higher than P-90 Similar to P-90 but with more clarity and definition
Epiphone Dogear P-93 Single-coil Medium Twangier than P-90, with a vintage feel
Epiphone Humbucker Humbucking Medium Versatile, with a full, warm sound
Epiphone Alnico Classic Humbucking Medium Vintage-style, with a sweet, airy tone
Epiphone ProBucker Humbucking High High output, with a tight, aggressive sound
Epiphone Zephyr Mini-humbucking Medium Balanced, with a clear, jangly tone
Epiphone 700T Humbucking High Ceramic magnet, with a bright, cutting tone
Epiphone 700SC Single-coil Medium Alnico magnet, with a warm, vintage tone
Epiphone Soapbar P-90 Single-coil High Unique, vintage-style tone
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